CSW Awards - Site Submission
If you know of a website that could be a candidate for a Certified Smartass Award, you may use this form to enter it as a nominee.

When entering a domain name, please enter only the domain name and not the index page (eg. "http//smartasses.org" is correct, "http//smartasses.org/index.html" is not correct). Pathways to subdomains are allowed if necessary (eg. "http//members.tripod.com/smartasses/"). Take care to enter a correct e-mail address for the website's webmaster since this is the address to which an award notification e-mail may be sent (if the address bounces then the recipient may never know they won). The Website Name is limited to 30 characters and should NOT be entered in ALL CAPS because it won't look good (or fit properly) on the award graphic. Try to use an appropriate name or if none can be found, use the site's domain name (without the "http//"). Note that all fields are required.

UPDATE: Due to abuse by spammers, submissions are only being accepted by members of the SAO. If you are not a member and would like to have your website considered for submission, please send an e-mail to webmaster@smartasses.org with the name and URL of the website, the webmaster's e-mail address, your name and e-mail address (if you're not the webmaster) and a brief explanation of why the website should be considered for our award. After your submission has been screened and determined not to be a spam site, it will be nominated for review by our distinguished panel of certified experts.

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