The Fair Dinkum, Ridgy Didge, Dinky die, True Blue, Dyed-in-the-wool, Let's Talk Strine SAO Quiz!
How well do you understand "Strine?" Aussies are reknowned for the colourful expressions in everyday use. Just a few of these are shown here. Check yourself out and see how you cope with a bit of the Downunder lingo.

(Aside from DB:- Although Australia is officially an English speaking country, after taking this quiz you may have your doubts. Good luck, mate!)

1. Bluey, Gazza, Macca and Terry are sitting at the bar, Sunday afternoon, and the cricket is on Fox. How much is a beer?
  a. Who cares, stick it on the tab mate.
  b. $1.50
  c. Nothing. It's Terry's shout.
2. What is the name of the large desert filled with sand that makes up 50 percent of the Australian continental landscape?
  a. The Kalahari Desert
  b. The Gobi Desert
  c. The Great Sandy Desert
3. The term, "Fair suck of the sav!" can indicate:
  a. An expression of incredulous disbelief.
  b. More plonk wanted over 'ere, mate!
  c. Extra sausages for all on the Barby.
4. The term, "Flat out like a lizard drinking," means:
  a. You are lying on your belly... thirstily guzzling water from the river, or a handy billabong.
  b. You are extremely busy.
  c. You are having sex.
5. What do you understand by the term "Pommy bastard!":
  a. The piece of meat you are trying to cook on the barby is burnt on the outside and raw in the middle? (Mmmmmmmmmm!)
  b. An import from Mother England, whose parentage is fundamentally irrelevant to the insult at hand.
  c. The price of mattresses is exorbitant.
6. The term "Chuck a wobbly" refers to:
  a. Throwing a lesser known but equally lethal cousin of the boomerang weapon.
  b. Throwing up after a hard night on the piss.
  c. Getting extremely irate.
7. The term, "Dry as a dead dingo's donger," indicates:
  a. A condition of impotence.
  b. A condition of death.
  c. A condition of thirst.
8. If you're trying to, "Bung it on," you're:
  a. Endeavouring to con someone, ie. lying.
  b. Aiming to hit something in with a hammer; making repairs (especially on a boat).
  c. Trying to get drunk.
9. Blowies are:
  a. Huge winds.
  b. Big flies.
  c. Sheep dogs.
10. If you hear someone say the phrase "Get in behind," he is more than likely talking to his:
  a. Wife.
  b. Dog.
  c. Homosexual lover.
11. "As flash as a rat with a gold tooth," indicates:
  a. You're a quick and agile thief.
  b. You're fast on your feet.
  c. You look especially smart and well-dressed.
12. The phrase, "Have a butcher's" means:
  a. Mind someone's place in a queue.
  b. Have a look.
  c. Steal a goose.
13. Is the term, "How's your belly where the pig bit ya?":
  a. An insult?
  b. A query as to a porcine injury.
  c. A greeting.
14. If you're, "Having a mag," you're:
  a. Reading the latest edition of Playboy.
  b. Talking to a mate.
  c. Indulging in masturbation.
15. The expression, "Strike a light," indicates:
  a. You're in need of a match.
  b. Surprise and disbelief.
  c. You knocked the lamp over on the coffee table.
16. The phrase, "Like a shag on a rock," means:
  a. You've been left by yourself.
  b. You enjoy sex by the ocean.
  c. You smoke illegal substances.
17. "Humping my bluey," is:
  a. Having sex with a redhead.
  b. Having sex with a cattledog.
  c. Carrying a bag.
18. If you are "stodged," you have:
  a. Over eaten.
  b. Lost all your money.
  c. Drunk too much.
19. The common meaning of "a slab" is:
  a. A coroner's table.
  b. A quantity of beer.
  c. A cement block.
20. If someone is, "A bit toey," they're:
  a. A bit nervy and sensitive.
  b. A bit on the smelly side.
  c. A shocking dancer.
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