Just because you are American doesn't mean you get out if it.

1. Tea in cricket consists of:
  a. Tea
  b. Depends on the venue.
  c. Beer
  d. Oranges
2. Sledging is a cricket term meaning what?
  a. Missing the ball and hitting the ground
  b. Sliding into the fence to save four runs
  c. Pointing out to the batsman just how much they suck as you walk back to the popping crease for the next ball.
  d. Skipping practice to go to the pub
3. "That's just not cricket" refers to:
  a. a shocker of a bowl.
  b. Missed catch
  c. A wild flail of the bat
  d. May or may not have anything to do with the game
4. The Umpire's arm raised with finger extended indicates
  a. The batsman is out
  b. He's not on the best of terms with one of the players at the moment
  c. He's testing the wind direction
  d. He'll just have one beer, thanks...
5. The umpire waves one hand in the air to and fro to what purpose?
  a. He saw his best mate in the crowd
  b. He'll just have one beer, thanks
  c. The batsman just hit the ball for four runs
  d. He has a fly in his face
6. What is the record for the most number of beers drunk by a member of a cricket team on a transpacific flight to play in an Ashes tour?
  a. 52 by David Boone on a 26 hour flight in 1989
  b. Beer? Are you Insane? These are elite sportsmen we are talking about!
  c. 17 by Shane Warne on the Slow Boat to India in 2001.
  d. No Idea, but it must have been an Australian.
7. "HOWSAAT!" accompanied by much leaping about and pointing is...
  a. a cry of outrage from the batsman
  b. a fielders' chorused yells of hope
  c. a bowler's plaintive appeal for Umpire approval
  d. both b and c
8. When the Umpire calls, "Over!" it means...
  a. the game is finished...finally!
  b. new bowler, opposite end
  c. Stop whinging and start playing!
  d. everyone has to go and jump the stumps
9. The Windies are:
  a. a cricket team
  b. caused when the menís teams order the strong curry for dinner the night before, promoting male team bonding throughout the match
  c. the roaring breezes that whistle across Aussie stadiums, making bowling just that much more difficult
  d. a sound the crowd makes when McGrath bowls a bouncer.
10. What is a Googly?
  a. the Aussie breed of birds (feathered-variety) that make themselves potential targets by strutting about on the oval (they just love watching the Tests, don't they?)
  b. a well-aimed speed bowl that would painfully enable a batsman to hit those high notes if he wasn't wearing a box
  c. The leg-spinner's "wrong' un" - with the wrist bent right round so that the ball is released out of the back of the hand, causing it to spin the "wrong way" - from off to leg.
  d. a batsman's miss-hit of the ball, causing it to trickle unmercifully into centre stump
11. What is a Golden Duck?
  a. the special, honoured term given when a batsman reaches a score of 100 runs
  b. the "special" on the menu for dinner at the club
  c. when a batsman gets out on the first ball
  d. when a batsman has to make a quick dodge of a fast bowl
12. What is a Yorker?
  a. a batsman from York
  b. a delivery that could well supplement a Podiatrist's income
  c. an irreverent slang term given to an American on the team
  d. when the batsman lofts the ball over the stadium
13. Streaker is a term meaning what?
  a. a naked bloke/sheila running across the oval (may well be the only entertainingly high point of a test match)
  b. a fast bowl aimed straight at the batsman's head
  c. a ball hit directly into the crowd
  d. the red smudge made by the ball when spat on & rubbed along the crotch line of a cricketers' trousers
14. Wide refers to
  a. when the umpire takes the opportunity for a good stretch
  b. when the batsman's swing hits nothing but air
  c. when a bowl doesn't go within, "Coo-ee," of the stumps or batsman
  d. both a and c
15. A No Ball is
  a. when the match is called off because 'someone' forgot to order the balls
  b. when a bowler over-steps the crease, or bends their arm when bowling
  c. when the bowler releases the ball before the batsman declares they are ready
  d. the unfortunate accident that occurs when the batsman forgets to wear his box
16. Calling is the time honoured tradition of
  a. a form of cheating - by coaching the batsman or bowler on the field
  b. when the Umpire hands out yellow or red cards to the players who backchat
  c. communication between batsmen eg "Yes," "No," "Wait"
  d. communication between batsmen eg "Yes...NO, WAIT...Bugger...Sorry"
17. Who was "the Don?"
  a. Marlon Brando
  b. Sir Donald Bradman
  c. Sir Donald Francis Tovey
  d. Don Quixote
18. Why are leg spinners included in a bowling line up?
  a. There has to be something for the fat guy to do.
  b. The bunnies need to be given a chance.
  c. They are deceptively talented.
  d. It gets really dull watching batsmen duck bouncers.
19. Pyjama Cricket is so called because
  a. It is a game for kiddies
  b. The uniforms look like pyjamas
  c. It will send you to sleep
  d. It is played during prime time.
20. The state of a one day pitch before every game is assessed by what?
  a. The umpires due and careful consideration
  b. The captains
  c. The bowlers
  d. A car key.
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