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People who frequent chatrooms and forums on the net often use abbreviations and smartasses are no different. In fact, smartasses seem to love to abbreviate just about anything and everything... it's a smartassy thing to do. For those of you who haven't been around since the start of the SAO, we offer this handy guide to some of the most common abbreviations you may encounter during your visits. As you will see, it is clearly getting way out of hand.

BOSAG: Big Ole Smartass Grin

CSA: Certified Smartass

DA: Dumbass

GOTSAOF: God of the SAO Forum

KOTCOD: Kiss on the Cheek of Discomfort

SAA: Smartass Answer

SAEA: Smartass Eyebrow Arch

SAF: Smartass Frown

SAFATA: Smartass Frown At The Aussies

SAG: Smartass Grin

SAK: Smartass Kiss

SAKOD: Smartass Kiss of Death

SALMAO: Smartass Laughing My Ass Off

SAPDOA: Smartass Public Display of Affection

SAsk: Smartass Sis Kiss

SAS: Smartass Smirk

WDASAG: Woosey Drunk Again Smartass Grin

WESAG: Wicked Evil Smartass Grin

Necrohippoflogaphilia: The love of beating dead horses. While not an abbreviation, it is something many smartasses seem to enjoy doing.

Common Internet Abbreviations

Along with the special abbreviations used by smartasses, here are a few of the more common ones that are used on the net.

AFK: Away From Keyboard

AOLer: (see DA)

BRB: Be Right Back

BTW: By The Way

CUL: See You Later

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

GTH: Go To Hell (commonly said to AOLers)

OMG; Oh My God

ROFLMAO; Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off


TTYL: Talk To You Later

WB: Welcome Back

WTG: Way To Go

Aussie Abbreviations

Our mates downunder are particularly fond of abbreviations. While Australia claims to be an English speaking country, after looking at this list you may begin to wonder. For help translating the translations, we suggest you take a squiz at this true blue Aussie Slang Dictionary. Good luck learning to "speak Straylien." And when you think you're ready, give our very own Fair Dinkum, Ridgy Didge, Dinky die, True Blue, Dyed-in-the-wool, Let's Talk Strine SAO Quiz a try!

ABL: Abso-Bloody-Lutely

ASA: Aussie Smart Arse

BAG: Big Aussie Grin

BAS: Big Aussie Smile

BOAW: Bit Of A Wanker

BOM: Bloody Oath Mate

BSB: Bloody Silly Buggar

BSWOT: Bloody Stupid Waste Of Time

CASA: Certified Aussie Smart Arse

COC: Come On Cobber

DAAS: Dumb Arse Aussie Smile

DD: Dinkey Dy

FD: Fair Dinkum

FDA: Fair Dinkum Action

FDC: Fair Dinkum Cobber

FSOTSB: Fair Suck Of The Sauce Bottle

GM: Grouse Mate

GOYM: Good On Ya Mate

HLV: Happy Little Vegemites

LLABOGIAT: Laughing Like A Bunch Of Galahs In A Tree

LMAAO: Laughing My Aussie Arse Off

NOYN: Not On Your Nellie

RD: Ridgy Didge

RR: Ripper Rita

SAAG: Smart Arse Aussie Grin

SR: Strewth Ruth

STFC: Stone The Flamin' Crows

TBA: True Blue Aussie

TBB: True Blue Bloke

TBRM: Too Bloody Right Mate or 2BRM

TBS: True Blue Shiela

TITB: This Is True Blue

TR: Too Right

TTFN: Ta Ta For Now

VB: Victoria Bitter, a popular Aussie drink

WEAMS: Wicked Evil Aussie Male Smile

WEASS: Wicked Evil Aussie Shiela Smile

WG: Whatta Galah

WGAS: Who Gives A Shit

YBB: You Bloody Bewdy

YBM: You Bewdy Mate

YBN: You Bloody Nong

YBR: You Bloody Ripper

YBSW: You Bloody Silly Wombat

YGBAN: You've Got Buckley's And None

YW: You Wanker

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